American Girl Magazine, June 1953

As times get a little colder (in the Northeast, at least) and things get a little scarier (pretty much everywhere), a little good old fashioned summer sounds like a daydream. Take a break from the world with a dive into The American Girl Magazine from June, 1953.

This is my second blog post sharing an issue of The American Girl- it is just one of my favorites to take a look at. They do a great job of combining beautiful artwork with a little something for the “typical” teenaged girl in the 1950s. Based on their letters to the editor, they had readers from all over the world, including Peru and England.

The American Girl was published by the Girl Scouts of America- for more details on the history of the magazine, check out my first blog post on it.

I hope you enjoy this look into The American Girl Magazine from June, 1953! As always, if there is an image you see in the video that I did not include in my scans, shoot me a message via the contact page or comment on social media and I will do my best to get back to you with it!

Sending all my best during this difficult time!

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