Vogue, July 1990

Today, we are diving into Vogue Magazine from July 1990! This is the first 90’s magazine that I am sharing on the blog and I am so ready for it!

It is absolutely mind boggling to me that 1990 was THIRTY years ago and considered vintage (BTW- vintage is defined as older then 20 years, while antique is older then 100 years).

Full flip through video of Vogue 1990. Please follow Peruse Vintage on YouTube to be the first to see new videos!

The 90’s were an interesting time- and the fashions were no exception. People were ditching their neon colors of the 80’s and tight, form-fitting outfits, for dark colors and baggy silhouettes. 1990 seems to be a transition year for fashions from the 80s to the 90s, as remnants of the previous decade linger alongside a future glimpse into the true 90s aesthetic.

Recently, 90’s fashions have made a strong come back. Personally, I like them- the self expression and movement are a lot of fun. There were so many outfits in this issue that had me thinking “Hey, this picture could have been taken yesterday!”.

I really hope you enjoy viewing this issue as much as I do! As always, if there are any images you see in the video that I did not scan, drop me a comment or email via the contact page and let me know the timestamp and description, and I will get back to as soon as I can!

For this post I am collaborating with one of my favorite Instagram clothing shops- Coconut Vintage Threads! She posts the most amazing themed collections of a mix of new, gently used and vintage clothing items, in a a variety of sizes, in a fun auction-style setting! It is honestly like shopping with the girls – so much fun. She is going to be dropping a 90’s themed collection soon, so make sure to follow her for some great 90s vintage fashions coming soon!

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