The Ladies Field Magazine, December 14, 1907

Hello and happy 2021! I know we are halfway through February, but I am finally getting a chance to hop on the blog this year! I have so many fun issues to dive into in the future and I am so excited to share them with you!

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Today, we are going to take a look into The Ladies Field Magazine from December 14, 1907.

The Ladies Field Magazine was a 19th century British periodical that ran from 1898-1922. There is very little information on the internet on this magazine- it does not even have its own Wikipedia, however it is referenced in this one.

It reminds me of the early Vogue template- very focused on Socialites, fashion, lifestyle, culture and many advertisements. There is no color, but it does feature a mix of illustrations and photographs.

When viewing vintage/antique magazines, it is of course important to contextualize what was happening in the world at time to be able to properly interpret the information. So what was happening in England in 1907?

For starters, it was still the age of a new century. The Victorian era had just ended, and the Edwardian era was in full swing. We can see this transition perhaps best through clothing and fashions.

The Edwardian era was a time for change and new beginnings. The Edwardian Promenade writes:

The overall image of the Edwardian age is that of an era of opulence, but once you scratch the surface, it was also an era of change, where the rumble of automobiles and planes, champagne and lavish ocean liners, the frenetic syncopation of ragtime, and the pomp of the aristocracy and royalty, coexisted with civil rights and independence movements, Socialism, immigration, and technological advances .

The Edwardian Promenade, “Welcome to the Edwardian Era”

Keep this in mind as you view the magazine- while there are some nods to the defunct Victorian era, there are plenty of examples of a new century filled with exciting possibilities.

Although it was 114 years ago, can we see similarities? Differences?

One of hottest new trends today is the resurgence of corsets in fashion- there is no lack of content on that in this issue!

As with many vintage publications, there is of course a need to acknowledge the lack of diversity. In a world where, at the time, European countries were fighting over “claiming” pieces of Africa to colonize, the mindset was generally white-centric.

Context considered, The Ladies’ Field from December 14th, 1907 is a great look into British culture in the early 1900s. My favorite part of this issue is the fashions- Edwardian fashion is so charming and fascinating to me!

I hope you enjoyed viewing this issue! As always, if there are any images you see in the flip-through video that I did no include below, feel free to comment or send me a message via the contact page with the timestamp and description and I will get back to you with it as soon as I can!

Thank you my vintage loving friend!

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