Seventeen Magazine, January 1952

Today we are diving into a colorful issue of Seventeen Magazine from January 1952!

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Seventeen Magazine has been around since 1944, created by Helen Valentine (who also created Charm magazine). At the time, the idea of the “teenager” viewed as a large group of consumers skyrocketed, and of course many teen magazines took advantage of this new and eager market. Seventeen magazine evolved to have a large focus on fashion, which makes it a great example today for popular women’s fashions of past decades.

This issue is larger format then the Seventeen Magazines from the 70s to today, and is printed with a mix of color and black and white on matte, high quality feeling paper.

Although there are a variety of special stories featured, the topic that stands out most, in my opinion, is the fashions. From ads to features on how to add some color to your winter wardrobe, the images feature a time capsule of early 1950s clothing and accessories.

As always, please enjoy the full flip through video, and if there are any additional images you would like to see that are not included, please drop a comment or send me an email via my contact page and I will get it to you!

Thanks, and enjoy the images below!


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