I love everything vintage. Like really LOVE VINTAGE. Since I was young, my favorite show was Antique’s Roadshow, spent hours poking through my grandma’s old fashioned knick knacks, and could not get enough of history. I majored in Art History in college. And I spend a lot of my expendable income on vintage items. Like an embarrassing amount.

But that is why I started this blog. I love browsing vintage things online, especially advertisements, lifestyle, fashion and more. Since I have been a consumer of these things the past few years, I want to contribute to the community. I love to share images and scans from my magazine collection, along with other vintage goodies, my favorite modern vintage-inspired products and more!

You can follow me on Youtube for more vintage themed videos, on Instagram for daily pics & Pintrest for all you vintage insp needs!

Thank you for joining me and I look forward to sharing a little vintage with you!