Seventeen Magazine, August 1979

With a scary and uncertain back-to-school season just beginning this month in the wake of COVID, I wanted to share a lighthearted issue of Seventeen Magazine from August 1979- The back to school issue! This issue contains over 300 pages of back to school fashion and lifestyle tips, along with a crazy amount of 70s … Continue reading Seventeen Magazine, August 1979

The Ladies’ World, December 1896 Full Flip through of this issue. Please subscribe on Youtube for more vintage videos! One of my favorite eras in history to learn about is the Victorian Era. The fashion and decor were undoubtably one of the most stunning, iconic stylistic eras, while their culture and society was messy at best. What better way … Continue reading The Ladies’ World, December 1896

DIY: Testing 5 Vintage “Life Hacks” from 1949

A little while ago, I highlighted the January 1949 edition of Calling All Girls Magazine. In it, there was a section titled "Tricks for Teens" that paid girls $1 for every trick published (about $10 today). They could write in their best tip for a chance to be featured! As I was reading them, I … Continue reading DIY: Testing 5 Vintage “Life Hacks” from 1949

Better Homes & Gardens, August 1930 Full Flip Through Video of Better Homes & Gardens, August 1930. Subscribe on Youtube for more vintage videos! As COVID cases rise in the United States, we all need a reminder to stay home as often as possible to lower the risk- which is why I am sharing this 90-year-old issue of Better Homes … Continue reading Better Homes & Gardens, August 1930

People Magazine, January 16, 1978 In honor of Pride Month, I am sharing this issue of People Magazine from January 16, 1978 featuring Elton John on the cover. First, a little background on People Magazine- the first issue was released in 1974 by two previous magazine editors from Time and Life magazines. They wanted to create a magazine that … Continue reading People Magazine, January 16, 1978

Vogue, January 1979 Full flip through video. Vogue, January 1979. Back with another issue of Vogue! Today we are taking a look at the Vogue "Up..." issue from January 1979. Priced at $2.00 (about $7 today), this issue is packed with interesting fashions and ads! The cover features model Peggy Dillard-Toone (just Dillard at the time), who … Continue reading Vogue, January 1979

How to Easily Restore Vintage Garden Gnomes Video Tutorial from Peruse Vintage. Please subscribe on Youtube for more vintage content! I have always loved the whimsey and folklore behind garden gnomes- the little creatures that live in our gardens and tend to plants and protect nature. They are so cute and charming and a great addition to any garden. However, being … Continue reading How to Easily Restore Vintage Garden Gnomes

History Is Repeating Itself- And We Need to Stop It

Have you ever wondered why the devil, demons, and mythical monsters are all pictured as black or dark colored? Why angels are white? This was no mistake. Dating back to twelfth century (yes, literally 1,020 years ago), European paintings and manuscripts depict these dark colored “monsters” to educate the masses on creatures that were thought … Continue reading History Is Repeating Itself- And We Need to Stop It

Marilyn Monroe Hair – DIY Gone Wrong

Since I was a child and saw my first Marilyn Monroe movie- Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, I fell in love with her hair. That amazing, iconic platinum blonde is so eye-catching and classic. DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional in any way and this is not advice! I just wanted to explain my story for … Continue reading Marilyn Monroe Hair – DIY Gone Wrong