Besame Cosmetics Mini Unboxing & Review Besame Cosmetics Unboxing. Please follow Peruse Vintage on YouTube for more vintage content! Do you dream of classic, vintage cosmetics? From the beautiful packaging to the gorgeous colors, cosmetics from the past are so dreamy and elegant. However, vintage cosmetics are often not suitable for modern wear- if you are lucky enough to find … Continue reading Besame Cosmetics Mini Unboxing & Review

Marilyn Monroe Hair – DIY Gone Wrong

Since I was a child and saw my first Marilyn Monroe movie- Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, I fell in love with her hair. That amazing, iconic platinum blonde is so eye-catching and classic. DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional in any way and this is not advice! I just wanted to explain my story for … Continue reading Marilyn Monroe Hair – DIY Gone Wrong