Seventeen Magazine, January 1952

Today we are diving into a colorful issue of Seventeen Magazine from January 1952! Full flip through of Seventeen Magazine, January 1952. Please subscribe to Peruse Vintage on YouTube to be the first to see new videos! Seventeen Magazine has been around since 1944, created by Helen Valentine (who also created Charm magazine). At … Continue reading Seventeen Magazine, January 1952

American Girl Magazine, June 1953

As times get a little colder (in the Northeast, at least) and things get a little scarier (pretty much everywhere), a little good old fashioned summer sounds like a daydream. Take a break from the world with a dive into The American Girl Magazine from June, 1953. This is my second blog post sharing … Continue reading American Girl Magazine, June 1953

Hit Parader, February 1958

Although I love physical vintage items, I also love other methods of historical preservation- including music! Lets take a trip back in time (over 60 years!) to February 1958. You just had a great Valentine's day- at school your sweetie gave you a rose, your pals all dressed in their best winter outfits and you … Continue reading Hit Parader, February 1958

Teen Magazine, December 1956 Full flip through video. I've said it before and I'll say it again- I love a good teen mag! The fashions and stories are so amusing to flip through. This issue is TEEN Magazine- The Magazine for Young Americans from December 1956. When looking up the background of this magazine, I was having trouble … Continue reading Teen Magazine, December 1956