American Girl Magazine, June 1953

As times get a little colder (in the Northeast, at least) and things get a little scarier (pretty much everywhere), a little good old fashioned summer sounds like a daydream. Take a break from the world with a dive into The American Girl Magazine from June, 1953. This is my second blog post sharing … Continue reading American Girl Magazine, June 1953

Hit Parader, February 1958

Although I love physical vintage items, I also love other methods of historical preservation- including music! Lets take a trip back in time (over 60 years!) to February 1958. You just had a great Valentine's day- at school your sweetie gave you a rose, your pals all dressed in their best winter outfits and you … Continue reading Hit Parader, February 1958

The American Girl Magazine, July 1953 Flip with me! Although I am no longer a teen, there is something so magical about teen magazines. The latest trends, fashions and gossip bring me back to the excitement of getting the latest issue in the mail! Today, I am sharing a fun copy of The American Girl Magazine from July 1953. There … Continue reading The American Girl Magazine, July 1953