Vogue, July 1990

Today, we are diving into Vogue Magazine from July 1990! This is the first 90's magazine that I am sharing on the blog and I am so ready for it! It is absolutely mind boggling to me that 1990 was THIRTY years ago and considered vintage (BTW- vintage is defined as older then 20 years, … Continue reading Vogue, July 1990

Vogue, June 15, 1928

One of the most iconic fashion magazines of all time, Vogue, is not new to the game. Founded in 1892, Vogue has sealed its place in history as one of the big names in the fashion world. Today, I am sharing a copy of Vogue Magazine from June 15, 1928! https://youtu.be/lcY6oM07q-g Vogue, June 15, 1928. … Continue reading Vogue, June 15, 1928

Vogue, January 1979

https://youtu.be/TDVkLbnm8Tg Full flip through video. Vogue, January 1979. Back with another issue of Vogue! Today we are taking a look at the Vogue "Up..." issue from January 1979. Priced at $2.00 (about $7 today), this issue is packed with interesting fashions and ads! The cover features model Peggy Dillard-Toone (just Dillard at the time), who … Continue reading Vogue, January 1979