McCall’s Magazine, February 1962

Welcome to the 1960s! Today, I am sharing McCall’s Magazine from February 1962, the self-proclaimed “first magazine for women”. McCall’s was published from 1873 to 2002. For a great look into what life may have been like for a middle class housewife in the early 1960s- look no further!

Full flip through of McCall’s Magazine, February 1962. Please follow Peruse Vintage on Youtube for more vintage!

There are some gems in this issue, including some beautiful, full color ads from familiar brands today (especially food!). There are also some questionable ones. The same goes for content.

One interesting part from this issue, and McCalls in general, is the column written by the late Eleanor Roosevelt. Readers were able to write in their questions, and she would answer. She was featured in the magazine from June 1949, until her death in November 1962, making this one of her last few contributions (Source).

Of course, along with most women’s magazines in the 1960s, there are heavy undertones of sexism, racism and ageism, especially towards women. A two-page spread tells women that they need to work harder to control their hands to make them appear more lady-like, while there are very few people of color featured at all. #vintagestylenotvintagevalues

Overall, McCall’s Magazine is an interesting publication filled with a rich history. The February edition from 1962 provides a great look into what life was like for a typical middle-class woman in the early 1960s!

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