Vogue, January 1979

Full flip through video. Vogue, January 1979.

Back with another issue of Vogue! Today we are taking a look at the Vogue “Up…” issue from January 1979. Priced at $2.00 (about $7 today), this issue is packed with interesting fashions and ads!

The cover features model Peggy Dillard-Toone (just Dillard at the time), who is an icon African-American fashion model. She was only the second black model on the cover of Vogue. Peggy is an extremely well-rounded and talented person with an incredible resume- years of performing arts studies, an interest in Architecture, a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Pratt, experience in fashion design, merchandising and sewing, modeling on a worldwide scale and owning and operating her own salon (Turning Heads Salon in New York). Today she teaches yoga and spirituality, and “encourages young and old to study and respect their indigenous cultures while promoting an understanding of and an appreciation for all cultures” (Source). She is the CEO of a non-profit, Blue Leaf International Arts, which supports artists through embracing diversity culture. I was able to make a small donation to help, and I encourage you to as well if you are able!

The issue brings in the new year of ’79 with upcoming trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. There are exercises and diets to help you “feel great”, including information about how to manage stress, which honestly seems pretty progressive for the time. Of course, there are issues as far as fat shaming- for example, it says to look in the mirror and if there is flab in an area that there “shouldn’t be” then you need to loose it immediately, as there is really no excuse with our understanding of nutrition- yikes. I also enjoy tracking how nutrition sciences have changed over the years- for example, this issue claims sugar is not bad for your health or body, just your teeth.

I love the fashions in this issue- they are so vibrant and colorful. It really highlights the cusp of the 70s and 80s, and you can really see the 1980s trends and styles starting to form.

It is also interesting to see the influences the late 1970s has on modern fashions- I find that fashion now is reverting back to these simple silhouettes and bold, block coloring. I feel that those the swimwear/ beachwear spreads, especially, could easily be from a magazine today in 2020. And of course, it is also fun to see the brands we know and love today- Everything from Maybelline to Calvin Klein, and of course the iconic Chanel No. 5. It shows us that 41 years was not that far, far away.

Also just a disclaimer- there are 2 pages missing from this issue.

Check out the video to see the entire issue flipped through, and please let me know if there are any additional pages you would like scanned for a better look. Enjoy my vintage loves!

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